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Recipient Mare Division

The recipient mare division of Brazos Valley Stallion Station offers a wide range of clinical services to horse owners. These services range from basic reproductive evaluations to embryo transfer and freezing. We offer competitive equine embryo mare leasing opportunities and boast a 115 stall barn to support our tasks at hand. The success of our program derives from our commitment to successful equine reproduction and our customer-first approach.

The Care They Receive

Our mares are haltered and ultra sounded daily during estrus to evaluate uterine qualities, ensuring that they are prepared to receive an embryo. We strive to provide our customers with mares that possess the best maternal skills as well as an ideal health condition.

We work diligently to maintain a fertile and healthy recipient herd. We know that these mares are going to raise our clients’ foals from gestation to weaning – therefore, we take measures that prepare them to perform successful duties. Mares are routinely screened for infections and other matters that may inhibit their ability to perform at the highest level.

Preparing these mares for their caregiving tasks starts long before the implantation of an embryo. With a high prioritization on wellness and year-round care, our team practices the finest example of animal welfare. Our mares are provided with a comfortable routine and secure structure to provide them with an enjoyable course.

The Quality Matters

Utilizing over 750 mares, we provide industry-leading services for our customers to set them up for a successful breeding season. With an extensive band of mares, our team can provide the best possible mare suited for your embryo. It is essential for the donor mare to be synchronized with the recipient mare that will receive her embryo. Having an abundance of available mares facilitates successful embryo transfers.

We strive for continued growth of our herd to secure our chance of keeping up with the current demand of recipient mares. With our client’s recognition and our commitment to strength and steady growth, we continue to expand our recipient herd year after year.

Our Services

Clients can choose between scheduling trailer-in appointments for outpatient services or dropping off mares to be housed at our facility as needed.


Reproductive Evaluations

When performing a mare reproductive evaluation, we examine the potential of the mare to become pregnant and to successfully carry a foal to term. We check open mares for reproductive abnormalities that may limit fertility, prior to the start of breeding season.

Breeding Management

Our team manages mares for artificial insemination using fresh, cooled-transported, or frozen semen. We offer reproductive services by outpatient appointments along with drop-off services for complete reproductive management.

Embryo Transfer and Freezing

Performing services of embryo transfer allows for your mare to produce more than one foal per year or gives older mares the chance to have their foal carried by a younger recipient mare. Embryo transfer is also beneficial to mares still active in performance competition that can donate embryos to a recipient mare while remaining in their respective training program.