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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do we find the collection calendar and dates?

A copy is provided with each contract. Also on the top right-hand side of the website is a tab specifically for the breeding calendar.

What is a 6-panel genetic test and why is it important?

A 6-panel test is a simple genetic test that determines whether the mare is a carrier of problematic hereditary traits that have been passed down through the lineage. It is important because if you breed a carrier to a carrier and get a positive foal it can prove fatal.

It tests for HERDA, IMM, GBED, PSSM1, MH and HYPP.

How do I obtain a breeders certificate?

Please send an email to stating the mare’s name, stallion bred to, mare owner, year mare was bred, and any additional details including if the breeder’s cert needs to be mailed or released online.


Where would I find contracts on stallions standing at BVSS?

On the website, directly on the page of the wanted stallion. If you do not see one then that contract is currently unavailable. Please note if your contract says ICSI at the top, this contract is different than the normal shipped semen contract

What does my stallion contract include? (on farm/shipped)

Cutting, Cow Horse, Reining Horse on Farm- Farm Fee includes:

The Farm Fee is non-refundable. The Farm Fee includes all palpations, ultrasounds, routine inseminations, and record keeping for two (2) heat cycles. If the mare does not settle within the 2 heat cycles, then an additional fee of $200 will be assessed for each additional cycle. Not included in the Farm Fee are board, breeding soundness exams, special insemination procedures, uterine treatments, hormone therapy, and diagnostic testing. These items will be billed separately.

Cutting, Cow Horse, Reining horse- Shipped semen- Farm fee includes: 

The Farm Fee includes the 1st shipment of semen via (1) Fed Ex Priority Overnight OR up to (2) Pick-Ups OR (1) Airline shipment (courier fees not included). If an air shipment is requested or required, the Mare Owner’s credit card will be charged a $200 courier charge. Fees for Additional shipments are as follows: Pick-up $100; Priority Overnight Fed-Ex $250; Airline $200 – airfare plus $200 courier fee.

        Barrel and Roping Horse on Farm- Farm Fee includes:

The Farm Fee is non-refundable. The Farm Fee of $375 includes collection of the stallion and record keeping. Not included in the farm fee are palpations, ultrasounds, routine inseminations, breeding soundness exams, special insemination procedures, uterine treatments, hormone therapy, diagnostic testing, and pregnancy checks. Fees for Additional shipments are as follows: Pick-up $100; Priority Overnight Fed-Ex $250; Airline $200 – airfare plus $200 courier fee. These items will be billed separately.

What paperwork do I need to return with my contract?
  • Shipped/or on farm mare information sheet completed with a card on file to prevent no delays.
  • A copy of your mares papers.
  • Please let us know if your mare is registered as AQHA/APHA, dual registered or is registered with another breed association. This will help to prevent any delays when we turn in the stallion breeding reports.
  • Contract and all payments must be completed at a very minimum of 72 hours prior to shipment otherwise a $100 rush fee will be enforced.
Do our stallions have booking fees and are they refundable?

All BVSS stallions have a booking fee, and none are refundable.

When are all the fees due?

A booking fee is required on all stallions and is due at the time the contract is turned into BVSS. The balance of the breeding fees are due at the time that the mare is being bred.


Can I change mares on contracts, and if so, how many times?

Yes, you can change a mare on a contract, and you can do so as many times as you want with the understanding that additional fees apply. The first substitution is free, the second and any after that will have a fee of $150 per substitution.

What happens if I try to breed my mare throughout the year and am unsuccessful at obtaining a pregnancy?

You will be honored with a rebreed per terms of your contract, a vet letter will be required for BVSS to issue a rebreed contract for the next year.

Semen Shipments

How do I place an order for semen?

Please have your vet call the main office: (254)485-8280 extension 1 to order semen. BVSS will NOT take semen orders via text or email. If your call is missed please leave a detailed message and we will call you back as soon as possible. We will need the following to place your order:

  1. Stallion Name x Mares Registered Name
  2. Owner of contract
  3. How you would like us to ship (fed ex, flight, pickup)
  4. Name and address along with phone number of where the semen will be shipped to, and any additional details
  5. Once your order is placed you will be called with the appropriate tracking information on the day of shipment
Is there a chance that even if we order semen, we may not be able to get it?

Yes, there are times when the stallion may not be at BVSS (due to his showing schedule), or a high demand on the day that the semen is requested that you may not get fresh semen. Should this happen BVSS will do its best to keep you and your vet informed on the chances of you being offered frozen if available (pending tanks are available). Should you not be able to receive semen (frozen or fresh) you will become a priority for the next collection.

What happens if my shipment gets lost in transit?

Given the volume of shipments BVSS handles, over 4500 shipments last year alone, each one has a multi-checkpoint process to ensure correct and confirmed shipping information. BVSS primarily uses FedEx for our shipping needs along with a multitude of airlines to find the best flight possible. Unfortunately, a package being delayed or lost is always a possibility with any form of transit. During these cases we will do everything we can to assist in tracking down the package. If this happens a claim will be filed with the appropriate company for the shipping fees only. Pending the claim be approved by the shipping company, BVSS will put the credit towards your next shipment. Please call the office immediately if you notice a delay and we will be happy to track it on our end for you.

Does BVSS offer breeding soundness exams, stallion training, and freezing semen on outside stallions?

Yes, we specifically offer it during the off season so we are able to dedicate more time in training and analytics.

How do you analyze the motility on the dose you received?

Your veterinarian should place 2-3 drops in a separate container and allow to warm for 5-10 minutes before placing the sample on a microscope slide to perform your analysis. The sample you use to inseminate the mare doesn’t have to be warmed, but extra air in the syringe should be removed.

How many progressively motile cells are in a Pick up, Flight, or FedEx respectively?

Pick up: 500 million progressively motile cells

FedEx/UPS: 1 billion, as we expect some cell loss during shipment

Flight: 1 billion, due to the availability for pickups at some airport counters

What do I do once I receive frozen semen?

Vapor shippers are not designed as a permanent storage solution. They require frequent charging. If not attended to, the tank gets warm. When a vapor shipper arrives, please empty the shipper of semen and place semen in a permanent storage tank. After that is achieved, please return the shipper to the original destination or additional fees may be applied.


What is ICSI?

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection – more information can be found here.

Is my mare a candidate for ICSI?

Ideally an ICSI mare is a mare that cannot produce on their own any more via embryo flush or a carry.

Why are some stallions ICSI only?

Usually, the stallion is deceased, not allowing for any more frozen semen to be acquired. There are, of course, some exceptions to the rule.

Are there approved ISCI Labs?

Colorado State University
Dr. Pat McCue
3101 Rampart Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Genetech Animal Reproduction
Dana Case or Thiago Boechat
21205 Sooner Ave
Purcell, OK 73080
Office: (405)926-8790

Dr. Choi
3601 NE Loop 820 Suite 150
Fort Worth, TX 76137

Texas A & M- Dept of Vet. Physiology & Pharmacology; College of Vet. Med & Bio Sciences
4466 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843

Equine Medical Services
Dr. Foss
5851 E Deer Park Rd
Columbia, MO 65201

University of Penn State
Dr. Kim Gleeson
382 West St Rd
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Honalee- OHSU
Dr. Lisa Metcalf
33033 Bond CH1QF
Portland, OR 97239

UC Davis
Stuart Meyers, DVM, PhD
1089 Veterinary Medicine Drive
VM3B Bldg
University of California
Davis, CA 95616

In Foal Incorporated
Dr. Beck/ Amy/ Kayla
2004 Newberry Rd
Millsap, TX 76066

Veterinary Reproduction Innovation
Dr. Joy Altermatt
705 Fiero Ln
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Vita Nova
Dr. Kindra Radar
Pilot Point TX
(945) 248-0060

Viagen Equine
Dr. Kim Howard
715 Discovery Blvd Suite 410A
Cedar Park, TX 78613