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Brazos Valley Equine Rehabilitation

The spa at BVSS offers the latest in equine rehabilitation therapy techniques and machinery to provide for your horse’s wellbeing and recovery.

Rehabilitation Services

Cold Water Spa

Conditioning and fitness without added concussion and trauma.

Aqua Pacer

Reduces swelling and pain and promotes reduced inflamation.

Horse Gym USA

Builds strength and improves endurance.


Stimulates blood circulation for quicker injury recovery.

Smart RLT Laser

Repair of ligament and tendon lesions. Reduces scar tissue.

Equivibe Plate

Improves circulation to aid in improved healing time.

P3 Machine

Speed repair of tendons and ligaments. Increases blood flow.

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Our goal is to provide your horse the best in equine rehabilitation therapy so you both can return to competition with the greatest opportunity for success.

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